Weekly Wisdom: Build Your Own Career

One reason we’re building Online Investing AI is because we see people who aren’t happy with their careers. In fact, if you define “career” as your life’s work, the majority of people don’t even have a career.

They have a job… or an occupation… or a place to work. But not a life’s project.

This is a waste of talent and productivity.

We hope that by creating personal financial freedom, people will have the liberty to chase their dreams. We’re not alone, apparently. Here’s some great advice on building and maintaining unconventional careers by a whole pack of bloggers and writers.

MoneyNing offers great next steps if you hate your job in I Hate My Job, Now What.

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you might need some funding. Here are five ways to fund your business from MyLifeROI.

To get established in your own career, your reputation is your biggest asset because it builds your authenticity. The Art of Non-conformity tells you: Authenticity. You Has It.

Becoming free in an entrepreneurial sense, means you have to use time better and learn how to set goals. Although Green Panda Treehouse makes sure you know How To Set Smart Goals.

Illuminated Mind, a must-read blog for the aspiring freedom seeker, has an interesting take on limitations in the post, Limiting Yourself Can Be Good.

Any time I need picked up entrepreneurially-speaking I head over to IttyBiz. Naomi keeps it real in her post entrepreneurship makes you impotent.

Whether it’s making money, saving money, spending money, or investing money, personal financial freedom ultimately starts with personal responsibility. Saving For Serenity shows you how to get there with Serenity Now. Stress Free Yourself and Relax.

Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs That I’ve Witnessed Personally is another brilliant post by My Wife Quit Her Job. Another good one: Did You Really Try Or Did You Just Give Up.

Finally, it’s probably the toughest job market out there for college grads since the bear market of the seventies. Here’s some solid advice for college students from Financial Highway.

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