Weekly Wisdom: Building Money Momentum

It’s been a great week for information about personal finance. Around the blogosphere, I read posts about making, saving, and investing money.

The takeaway from many of these articles is that–in a lot of cases–making money is a momentum thing. If you build momentum, making, saving, and investing become easier.

Once it becomes easier and you start to see results, you want to keep on the path. Soon, you’re increasing that momentum. (It’s another form of compound interest.)

Hopefully, this momentum sustains you in the difficult times, too.

We’ll take a look at a couple articles, posts, and sites that exemplify the spirit of money momentum.

Check out Bargaineering for a visual look at how pennies can quickly add up through compound interest.

One way to build money momentum is to build your own business. That’s crazy, right? Not according to Escape from Cubicle Nationyou are perfectly normal when your own business drives you crazy.

Money momentum is mostly a mental thing. Illuminated Mind takes its typical spiritual approach: If it’s not working, doubt yourself. And Freedom Education offers the fastest way to blast limiting beliefs and case personal transformation.

You can also use the mental momentum to save money. Here’s Walletpop’s The best of Walletpop’s shopping tips.

Here are 15 places to sell your products from Atlanta Internet Marketing.

You can even explore money-making opportunities through Twitter, according to T Jantunen.

Thinking about building money momentum through freelancing? Here’s tips from Geekpreneur about setting freelance rates.

If you’re interested in saving money, you have to check out Billeater. It has money-saving tips arranged in nine categories (like banking and phone use).

Since time is all tangled up with money, Small Biz Trends offers ways you can save time AND money.

For newbie investors out there, we found this Beginners Invest site at About.com that included a way to examine income statements.

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