Weekly Wisdom: Creative Wealth Creation

Cool photo from Photos8 @ Flickr

Cool photo from Photos8 @ Flickr

There are more ways to make, save, and spend money now than ever.

Starting a business is easier. Budgeting your money is easier. And spending money is easier–that means YOU Amazon!

The web and mobile communication have blossomed into money-making and money-saving (and money wasting) machines. We can also use technology and the web to find out about how to make money creatively.

In this edition of Weekly Wisdom, we’ll take a spin around the web to find posts and articles that will help us make money and generate wealth creatively.

Is it time to invest in the creative power of technology? After the dotcom crash, there are signs that tech might deserve another look for inclusion in your portfolio, according to Monevator.

Jonathan Fields created wealth the conventional way… and the non-conventional way. One was a lot more fulfilling and more fun. Find out which one in this post.

Bruce Lee kicked butt. Did he kick as much butt as Chuck Norris. Answer: Yes. He also knew how to value money, at least Dumb Little Man says so.

Wealth Pilgrim believes The Four Agreements is a good financial freedom model.

Technology will make creating wealth easier and easier. Seeking Alpha has ten technologies that will rock 2010.

A job should be a means to an end. In this case, the end is personal financial freedom. Debt Hawk offers the 10 best jobs in America.

Let them eat crab cakes. Wallet Pop says that crab meat is more popular during the recession.

Innovation is the nexus of wealth creation. MoneyCrashers wonders if Google’s Nexus will change the way we buy cell phones.

Everybody needs an emergency fund. Here are eight ways to build an emergency fund from Poorer Than You.

You can be a great date… and have a cheap date. Check out Zen Capitalist’s post, Seven Cheap Dates Worth Trying Out.

Want to save money… Sex up your Sandwich. No, really. Wisebread (and who would know more about a sexy sandwich than a blog called Wisebread) passes on some tips to make a better brown bag lunch.

Gen Y Wealth takes a creative approach to teaching us how to stay out of debt.

My Two Dollars tells you to buy rechargeable batteries to save money–and–bonus–help save the environment.

This might be controversial because there seem to be a  lot of gold bugs these days. But Investing School advises to just have a small amount of your portfolio in gold.


MSN Money features these articles, 9 Sneaky Ways To Save Money and How To Be A Zen Millionaire.

From Forbes (via Yahoo Finance), here are some billionaires’ predictions for 2010.

Leo Fender, guitar pioneer, found out how to make money doing what he loves. Here’s the story from Investors Business Daily. Cool fact: Leo didn’t know how to play guitar!

The Wall Street Journal offers advice on expanding your investment borders.

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