Weekly Wisdom: Easy Does It

Life doesn’t need to be hard.

And, as I read through some posts this week, I noticed something. Personal finance isn’t brain surgery or rocket science, or even rocket surgery.

Getting your financial house in order, spending money effectively, and investing wisely, can actually be pretty easy.

Here are a few bits of advice that proves it.

Need to start saving? Here’s How to easily save a grand from Quizzle.

Money management is easy if you take baby steps. Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps are one way to manage the process. Check out Step 7 at Smart on Money. (The rest of the steps are linked right below this post, by the way.)

The hard part of starting a business might be the easiest. You first have to convince yourself to take action. Thanks to My Wife Quit Her Job for that bit of advice.

Ready or not, Wall Street reform is here. Mint.com offers a simple look at what this reform means for you.

Tomothy Ng wrote a guest post on Len Penzo dot Com. It’s a clever little trick to make sure you make the right consumer spending choices.

Smarty Pig is an easy and fun way to hit savings targets. That info is courtesy Free From Broke.

If you do want to change your financial picture the easiest way is to start today. Steven Aitchison offers tips on how to end procrastination… today!

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