Weekly Wisdom: Endless Personal Finance Advice Summer

Summer is heading into the home stretch.

We’re going to keep the temperatures high here, though. Here are some great links on personal finance and self-improvement.

One of the struggles most investors face is taming their emotions. Free From Broke offers dollar cost averaging as one remedy to emotional investing.

Simple Trading System caught this: BP is selling assets to Apache.

It’s kind of like a McMansion for a hobbit. Man findsĀ contentmentĀ in an 89 square foot house, courtesy of Faithful with a Few.

This could be a demographic time bomb. Finance Samurai points out that there are now more senior workers than teen workers.

From PlugIn ID: 7 Luxuries You Forget You Have.

Here’s something to remember, courtesy of the Happiness Project, the things that go wrong often make the best memories.

A little honesty here. We don’t always live up to our own advice here in the personal financial community. Budgets are Sexy comes clean: 12 Ways I Don’t Set and Example.

To convert to a Roth, or not to convert. Aye. That is the question. Find out what Joe Taxpayer thinks with this post.

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  1. Craig

    Aww, don’t go reminding us that there’s only so much of Summer left!

    Thanks for mentioning mine (and Jesse’s) dollar cost averaging article.

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