Weekly Wisdom: Hot Financial Posts

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Things are heating up.

So are the blogs.

From recession and depression talk to personal financial advice, here are some of the most interesting memes spreading through the internet this week.

From the Intelligent Speculator, here’s how to start a dividend portfolio with $5,000.

No More Spending compares dating to using a credit card.

You can use ETFs to build a diversified portfolio, according to Complex Search.

Moolanomy offers some recommendations on how to get a savings account started.

My favorite UK personal financial blogger, Monevator, has some great advice on finding your motivation at work.

Saving Money on Household Bills was posted by MoneyNing.

Bret, who writes at Hope to Prosper, disagrees with yours truly about derivatives. But that’s ok, so does everyone else. Bret does a great job with this post on Five Huge Financial Pitfall.

Four Hour Work Week blog offers some lessons in a real world MBA.

From the Digerati Life, here are tips on how to retire in bad economy.

If you want to bring your creative passions to work, you can visit Life Hack.

One thought on “Weekly Wisdom: Hot Financial Posts

  1. Hope to Prosper

    Thanks for including a link to my post.

    Our conversation about derivitives inspired me to write a whole post about the state of banking. I think you will enjoy it.


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