Weekly Wisdom: Leverage Knowledge and Invest In Yourself

What do you invest in?



Options and futures?


Actually, you don’t invest in assets; you invest in yourself. All those assets are just tools to accomplish that. Here are some web sites and blogs that will help you learn about investing and learn how you can create your own investment style and philosophy.

Find options confusing? Here’s a little guide from Options Explained that will help you start.

More debate on the recession and recovery. This time Seeking Alpha sees recession cues and recovery blues.

“If” is the biggest word in the financial dictionary for beginning investors as MyFindependenceDay.com explains.

Fiscal Fizzle recommends we stop being investing chickens.

Borrowing to invest is called “using leverage.” Monevator recommends you don’t borrow to invest.

The hardest thing about investing is learning that you have to believe in what you don’t want to believe. Here, Contrarian Profits offers three reasons why they stock recovery is bogus.

20/20 Investing makes the case that we’re in a secular bear market.

For more advanced trading techniques, Trading Markets is a great resource. Here’s a wrap-up of day trading opportunities in the market. You can learn about technical analysis at Trend Technician, too.

What’s compound interest? It’s what Einstein called the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” And this little graphic shows why it’s one of the wonders of investing, too.