Weekly Wisdom: Measuring Your Wealth Quotient

Measuring your net worth is easy. You just add up all the money you have in your various accounts, throw in all your assets and subtract your debts.

But that doesn’t tell you how wealthy you are. Wealth is a condition. It does take into account the amount of money your have in stocks and bonds and so on. It considers the debts you have, too.  Wealth, though, brings in your mental state, your money habits, and your potential.

We’ll call it the wealth quotient. Or, your WQ.

Just like your IQ and your EQ (emotional quotient) offer you a window into your intelligence and emotional potential, your WQ is a sign of your ability to find and build wealth.

In this edition of Weekly Wisdom, we’ll review some of the best posts and articles to help you measure–and improve–your wealth quotient.

Get Money Energy tells you the true meaning of wealth and how to tell how wealthy you are.

How to get wealthy, according to Wealth Pilgrim: Stop buying personal finance books. (Except the one we’re writing, of course.)

Save money good. Save money on investing double good. Here’s Healthy Living Gal with advice on how to slash your investment costs.

Remember when I said that your WQ had a mental element. A lot of that is based on your internal dialogue, according to Pick the Brain.

Are you ready to really rely on your Wealth Quotient? My Wife Quit Her Job has a guest post to tell you Step 0 To Quitting Your Job. So I Quit My Job gives you a new way to define your WQ reality.

Improving your WQ may require cost cutting. Here’s 3 Ways To Slash Investing Costs from Kiplingers.

Litemind, a cool blog I discovered through PlugIn ID, offers 6 Productivity Principles to Live By. We bet this will improve your WQ.

Don’t mistake Busy-ness for a healthy WQ. Alex Shulman says that Busyness is Laziness.

Finally… One guy who took his lumps and battled in and out of the wealth-building ring was Rocky Balboa. Here Man Vs Debt tells us Why Rocky Balboa Kicks Ass.

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