Weekly Wisdom: Passion and Personal Financial Freedom

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On this Valentine’s Day edition of Weekly Wisdom, we’d like to explore the connection between passion and personal finance.

Passion is like love in action.

Passion can propel you to do things you once thought were impossible. When you’re passionate about your financial freedom, you’ll learn how to save money–probably something that once seemed difficult.

You’ll learn how to earn money, on your own terms.

And, you’ll invest it wisely and in a way that’s aligned with your values.

So, here are some of the best posts that I discovered this week. Passionate posts.  I hope they fan those flames of financial freedom, if you already have an inferno burning. If you just need a spark, I hope these can serve as tinder.

Should you marry love or money? Here’s the post and flow chart from Spend on Life to help you decide. (Before you decide, though, maybe you need to take a look at the blog’s what can happen if you marry someone with bad credit post.)

Love to succeed? Money Ning tells you to learn how to Fail Fast.

Are you a spender or saver at heart? That’s the Valentine’s Day question from Five Cent Nickel.

Cupid’s a myth. So are these financial planning concepts compiled by Financial Highway.

If you’re all hot about retiring early, One Mint says that some people are forced to retire earlier than they want to.

Many people think that corporations have no heart–or soul. Read the post, “In the Salt Mine,” from Brip Blap and you tell me.

Make money, don’t just save it. That’s the lesson from 20s Money. And one way to do that–and have some fun–is to start a blog, as Digerati Life explains.

Financial Samurai plunged the katana of discernment deeply into the concept of love last week, including this post, Getting Busy This Valentine’s Weekend.

Rule number 1 for a happy relationship: don’t date a deadbeat. Len Penzo can tell you how to identify deadbeat dates.

Wonder how many divorces were caused by credit cards? Lifehacker tells you how to have good credit without having a credit card.

Love is forever. So is investing.  Well, almost forever. A guest post at Smarter Wallet takes a look at long-term market timing.

Create a Feng Shui wealth vision board. Thank Abundance Tapestry for this post.


Loving Your Job and Your Life–found on Yahoo Finance.

Four Reasons We Get Ripped Off–Found on MSN Money.

For “Conformo Radicals” It’s Cool to Think Like Everyone Else–Found on Investors Business Daily site.

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