Weekly Wisdom: Personal Economic Recovery

Depending on what day it is, a scan of the headlines will convince you that an economic recovery is underway, or that a deeper economic decline is on the way.

Job numbers are better reads one headline. Another points out that its Census workers who are making the figure look so bright.

So, what are we to think?

The truth is, we¬†don’t have to wait for the recovery; we can start your own personal economic recovery.

Here are some great pieces of wisdom that will help you start your own economic recovery:

Budgets Are Sexy teaches you how to be a millionaire for $5 a day.

If you work for someone else, you’re still self-employed, writes Fiscal Geek.

A financial safety net is a necessity to begin your personal economic recovery, according to Million Dollar Journey. Here’s a post that tells you how big that safety net must be.

Joe Taxpayer has some advice on saving money by not acting rich.

How you’ll participate in your own economic recovery relies a lot on your financial mindset. That’s from Watson Inc.

To stay in constant economic recovery mode, here’s a list of the best books on market recovery from Seeking Alpha.

Maybe you just need some motivation. Here are Dumb Little Man’s 7 Most Motivational Quotes Every Spoken.

Lifehack says there’s nothing that’s lucky about a personal economic recovery. In fact, here are some tips on how to be at the right place at the right time and a post on how to find your soul job.

Gen X Finance offers some advice on another important step for a personal economic recovery: finding a credit counselor.

You can have wealth, but it doesn’t help if you’re not healthy. The Smarter Wallet teaches you how to get healthy without going broke.

And, finally, My Wealth Builder offers this post, “Creating One’s Financial Future.”

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