Weekly Wisdom: Redistributing Wealth Wisdom

Not to get into any big political debates before a nice harmless list of links to smart thoughts and ideas, but let’s just say the jury’s out on the notion of wealth redistribution.

But one thing that’s certain: redistributing wisdom, especially personal finance wisdom is a good thing for society.

We now have the most effective way to distribute wisdom ever–the internet. In this week’s Weekly Wisdom, we pull together the best links we could find on personal finance and personal growth.

Enjoy, comrades!

Chasing Prosperity has a post on realigning your financial dreams.

Thinking about (hoping, praying for) a retirement strategy? Let Bripblap help with this post: How to choose a retirement plan–or not.

The brain is the fountain of wisdom. At least the spigot. Freestyle Mind passes on some suggestions about keeping the brain in top condition based on the book Brain Rules.

Mint Life blog speculates that India is the new land of opportunity.

Check out Dumb Little Man for ways to beat the 10 worst energy zappers.

The publishing world is getting a big shakeup. Authors, who once got stuck with 10 percent royalties, can make 50 percent via new models, according to a post on The Big Money.

Pooling mental resources is another way to redistribute wisdom. Lifehack shows you how to start and run a mastermind group.

Pick the Brain lets you in on 6 things you need to consider before you quit your job.

The hand that rocks the cradle… Here’s how much it costs to be a house wife (or house husband, I’ll wager). Found this from Money Funk.

Beat Parkinson’s law–work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion–with this post from Litemind.

Here’s a great post about just how illogical we are when it comes to money and personal fiance. The post is called, Your Mind and Your Money: Hyperbolic Discounting and it’s from the Amateur Financier.

Out of Your Rut theorizes: if jobs are scarce, multiple streams of income are necessary.

Finally,coupon use is up and people sound off about their Dollar Store purchases at Wallet Pop.

Have a great week!

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