Weekly Wisdom: Steering Your Personal Financial Decisions in Interesting Times

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May you live in interesting times.
–Chinese curse

We do live in interesting times, perhaps the most interesting times in the history of civilization.

That can be good.

And that can be bad.

We seem to be caught up in the eddies of a great transition. These economic, social, and technological forces can toss an individual around. It’s in these interesting times that we are fortunate to have some interesting voices who will help us steer our personal financial ships by offering us advice and issuing us warnings.

In this edition of Weekly Wisdom, we’ll review some of the best posts and articles on personal finance and improvement.

Mint.com’s blog offers this guide on Gen Y Finance.

Dark Magic does exist, according to Marginal Revolution.

Money Ning offers two alternatives to stocks and bonds that you might not have thought about.

Almost everyone uses a credit card–but do they know how a credit card works? Quizzle passes on Credit Card 101.

The house-buying process is complicated enough, let alone buying a house in this real estate environment. Green Panda Tree House put together this guide for the first-time home buyer.

Canadian Finance Blog offers advice on improving your credit rating in five easy steps.

Save money the Digerati Life way. Here are last-minute, food-shopping tips, as in, the late bird catches the discounted worm.

Find some inspiration from Len Penzo with his list of five crazy ideas that resulted in million-dollar paydays.

Feeling down about your money situation? Read 9 Proven Ways to Charge Up Your Motivation, a post by Dumb Little Man.

Here’s another look at frugality. On Pick the Brain, you can read the post, Timely Expenses are Wise Expenses.

Moolanomy lists 7 ways to cut your utility bills this summer.

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