Weekly Wisdom: The Do-It-Yourself Nation

It’s a new world.

Trust in financial companies… down.

Interest in saving money and frugal living… up.

Desire to break free of the shackles and chains of indebtedness? That’s at an all time high!

When it comes to personal finance, brothers and sisters are doing it for themselves. Here are some posts and articles that will help you do it for yourself.


From Eliminate the Muda, here are some tips forĀ  DIY-ing for dollars.

Millionaire Acts offers suggestions on what it takes to be successful.

Trying to find a good savings account is tough for the rookie personal finance buff. OneMint has some hints to find the right savings account.

Want some of the best personal finance DIY advice: If it’s too expensive do not buy. You got that straight from The Finance Buff.

I got this from Plan B Economics. Trader Jim Rogers has advice for the future economic climate: Learn to drive a tractor.

Most people’s financial planning goes out with the tinsel and twinkle lights during the holiday season. MoneyNing tells you how to keep it together financially over the holidays.

Speaking of seasons… tax season is right around the corner. Joe Taxpayer will help you get ready with year end tax tips.

Here’s one for the Undo-It-Yourselfers. Inventors Spot lets you in on Seppukko.com, a place where you can go to undo your cyberlife.

Thinking of moving in with a better half. Quizzle Blog tells you how to mix money if you do.

It’s a DIY jackpot! Lifehacker compiled a list of the best tutorials for 2009.


Jack Guttentag, from Yahoo Finance, gives six steps for understanding the mortgage application.

Ewwww… This one was controversial. We talked about it here. And Generation X Finance went all nuclear on it here. But Robert Kiyosaki calls the 401(k) plan–this biggest DIY retirement plan ever–a scam.

And from MSN Money Central: Lies that could kill your life insurance.

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