Weekly Wisdom: The Future Of Financial Freedom

Things aren’t the same. And things will never be the same.

If anyone noticed how a default in Dubai can cause the yen to crash and the dollar to fall and lead to a international stock market swoon, you can get the idea that the economy is not the slow, deliberative market that it used to be.

It’s fast. As fast as the speed of light, or, at least as fast as CNBC, Fox Business, and the internet can report it.

That can be scary. But it can mean that the future economy will be vibrant and full of opportunities, as well as dangers.

The speed of macro-economic fluctuations also changes our future personal financial picture, a financial picture that will be equally elastic and equally dynamic.

Here are some links to great posts and stories that may influence your future financial freedom.

Financial Samurai predicts the tuition tax hike in California will change how we view the often-exploited chasm between the rich and poor. It’s an awesome post. If you want to check out the 2010 tax brackets, you can read this post on the income tax bracket from Five Cent Nickle. (Although I heard there could be a surcharge for health care and a war tax added to the top earners.)

You have to believe that freelance work will be more and more important in the future. With more people looking for jobs, Freelance Switch notes the difference between finding jobs and finding a job.

The future and technology are completely merged now. Here’s a post from Dumb Little Man gives you cool ways technology can help you organize your life. And… There are writers… and there are speakers. Copyblogger points out that this may no longer be the case. Speech recognition software may change this distinction between the spoken and written word.

China’s been a boon for investors, but will the bull in the China shop turn into a bear? My Emerging Voice offers some insights.

Upgrade Reality offers a glimpse at how Pat Flynn took command of their future and went from laid-off to successful entrepreneur.

Jimi Hendrix asked Are Your Experienced? Free Money Finance asks Are You Affluent?

How can the return level of your investment account and size of your contribution affect your future? Joe Taxpayer has the goods in the post, Can the Market Make Your Rich. You might want to check out Eliminate The Muda for the first part of Compound Interest: Friend or Foe.

The economist known as Dr. Doom, Nouriel Roubini doesn’t have fun predictions about the future, in fact he tells the Financial Post he sees a double-dip recession in our immediate future.

Bible Money Matters gives you info on how to get fit financially next year now in the post, Set Your Course For Next Year Now. Setting Values Oriented Goals.

Will Gold become the reserve currency of the future? Get Money Energy seems to think so.

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  1. Hope to Prosper

    The default in Dubai reminds me a lot of the Asian currency crisis of the ’90s. I am wondering; is this an isolated incident or will this default spread to other countries?

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