Weekly Wisdom: The Pimp Power Of The Internet And Smart Record Companies

Another great week for free learning.

This week I’ve come across wisdom that runs the gamut, from practical advice on owning company stock to how to turn on the pimping power of the Internet.

It’s probably not what you think. Here’s a sample:

The internet has the power to do so many things for you. And I’d like to show you how to set it up so you don’t have to think anymore. Let’s leave the thinking to the ones that want to think: the computers.

Another interesting thought comes from BoingBoing. When videos use unlicensed music, record companies usually freak out and sue. As you’ll read, when a video of a wedding entrance went viral the record company that owned the song did a smart, smart thing that might indicate that new business models are created when people stop being stupid.

So, let’s get at the links.

Since we’ve entered an era where nothing’s too big to fail, No Debt Plan asks the question: How much company stock should you hold.

We believe in exponential returns at Online Investing AI, but you personally can achieve exponential growth through the power of leverage, according to Life Optimizer.

Our friend, Brian, at Quan Life introduced us to a remarkable person in his blog post, No Arms? No Legs? No Worries. Now, what were you saying about how tough your life was?

I love this one: How To Make The Internet Your Pimp at Illuminated Mind.

There’s a lot of talk about a possible economic recovery. Penny Jobs says, faith in the market alone won’t produce a recovery.

Ever want to be an author. Here’s a podcast interview on Career Renegade with Joely Black, the creator of an epic fantasy series.

Daniel H. Pink, who wrote two of our favorite books Johnny Bunko (George) and A Whole New Mind (Matt) posted and commented on a TED video about interspersing sabbaticals into your career.

Making money is something… but it’s not everything. Just ask the Idea Architect on taking care of yourself.

We’ve heard this story before: someone uses unlicensed music on Youtube and the record company sues. When a video of a dancing wedding entrance went viral on the video site, this record company just asked for a “buy now” link and made a truckload of money. Read about it at BoingBoing.

If you’re into blogging, this would make a great article to study before you create a mission statement. It’s 7 Steps To Building a Genuine Relationship with Your Readers, written by Leo BaBauta, on Problogger.