Weekly Wisdom: Time for Spring Personal Finance House Cleaning?

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Spring is finally settling in.

The sun’s out a few more minutes each day–even though we lost an hour’s sleep.

The temps are a little warmer.

And, is it just me, or do you have a little more energy?

When Spring hits we want to take that excess time and energy and do something productive. Spring cleaning is perhaps the best example.

But why just tidy up the garage? Or clean out the basement?

There’s some financial work to do and spring is a great time to do it.

Here’s some advice by my favorite bloggers on how to take management into your hands.

Creative avoidance. Ever heard of it? Here’s Out of Your Rut’s exceptional post on how you can say no, but get more out of your life.

Here’s some good info on the pros and cons of Exchange Traded Funds from Free From Broke.

Don’t wait for someone else to come and clean up your mess,¬†Be Your Own Guru, writes Jonathan Fields.

Automatic Finances warns you to not listen to celebrities about finances.

While you’re cleaning up, don’t forget to prepare for new scenarios. Here are eight tips to prepare for the next recession from Financial Highway.

Studenomics tells young people there’s no better time than now to polish their investing skills.

Another thing to think about during this spring personal finance housecleaning is life insurance. Here’s The Digerati Life’s take on buying cheap life insurance.

Maybe it’s time to clean up–monetarily speaking. Monevator offers a new way to look at your work schedule.

Spring’s a great time to break free from the gravity of debt–a post from The¬†Wisdom Journal.

Becoming Capitalist peers into the behavior of the market and how it influences trends in this post on behavioral analysis trading.

Frugality has its limits. Joe Taxpayer discusses these limits of frugality.

If becoming a freelancer is one goal this spring, Finance Freelance Life lists 27 tools for freelancers. Speaking of freelancing, Hunter Nuttall teaches how to run a freelance business through a blog.

In every spring, a little rain must fall. Here are five tips to keep motivated on a bad day courtesy of Pick the Brain.

Potential 2 Success tells you how to stay focused and accomplish any task.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Wisdom: Time for Spring Personal Finance House Cleaning?

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  3. matt Post author

    Hey Craig–
    You are absolutely right! I have tax stuff out of the way, now it’s time to declutter and press on.

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  13. The Digerati Life

    I can’t afford to skip spring cleaning this year. I did the year before, and maybe the year before that too… either way, with the clutter piling up, I must get my act together! And yes, financial cleaning is long overdue too…. wish we had more time for it all!

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