Weekly Wisdom: Tips For A Smart Holiday

Christmas w/a K @ Flickr

Christmas w/a K @ Flickr

It’s called the season of giving.

It could be called the season of giving yourself a bad credit rating.

Or the season of giving your credit card company extra money.

Or the season of giving yourself a heart attack.

Or the season of giving yourself a stress headache.

Or the season of giving yourself a hangover.

The holiday season has been used as an excuse to over-spend and over-indulge in a number of vices. Fortunately, there are a lot of smart people out there who are willing to pass on their wisdom on how you can have a smart holiday.

The following are some of the best holiday posts and articles that we’ve found.

Enjoy. And Merry Christmas!

Personal Dividends provide these six tips for saving money during the holidays.

Want an uncluttered Christmas? Money Energy has some ideas to de-clutter the holidays. My Super-Charged Life has a post on that subject, too.

What’s the most radical Christmas gift? How about the gift of personal financial freedom. Great idea, No Debt Plan!

Just in time: Last minute Christmas shopping tips from Studenomics. And, Redeeming Riches has a list of last minute gifts for procrastinators.

Check out Millionaire Acts for budget Christmas gift ideas.

Here are nine gift ideas for the person who has everything from Len Penzo.

Dumb Little Man has 100 ways (yep, a hundred) that will help you have a stress-free Christmas. And the blog has a funny one, too. Here’s a take on gaining holiday weight and feeling awful.

The Secret Santa is a popular, but risky holiday office tradition. Life Hacker gives you the goods on giving decent Secret Santa gifts.

Fiscal Fizzle comes up with some alternatives to regular Christmas gifts.

Kids love the holidays–here are Super-Charged Life’s 7 free toys that kids will love more than expensive gifts. (Didn’t you play more with the box than the toy anyways?)

For some, Christmas can be a sad time. Here are ten ways to feel better courtesy of Life Optimizer.

And finally, here are some reasons to give more… and spend less this season from Bible Money Matters.

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