Weekly Wisdom: Wealth Psychology And Money Mindsets

Have you ever had reading kizmet?

That’s when you start to read a book, let’s say, and all of the sudden, it seems every other tract or blog that you read has a similar outlook, or shares the philosophy in some way.

That’s what happened to me this week. I just started Van Tharp’s book, Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom. Suddenly, other blog posts seemed to echo Van Tharp’s ideas on trading and personal freedom.

I’ve included some of those posts that I’ve discovered this week in this wrap-up, as well as other posts that just made me think.

What did you learn this week?

How I Made $20,000 in 4 Weeks at 17. This is by PlugIn ID. Not only did I enjoy this post, but My Favourite Blogs (All 12 of Them) introduced me to 12 awesome blogs, some of which I’ll share in this edition of Weekly Wisdom.

Steve Pavlina put out a case for variable income-generation in Fixed Income Is A Sucker Bet.

The One Thing You Absolutely Need If You Want To Succeed Online, by Smart Passive Income, is one of the smartest posts on online marketing.

My Findepence Day looks at The If  Trap of Investing. It’s about all those emotional triggers that keep you from smart investing. You should also check out 8 Resources For Online Investors (found on Suburban Dollar) while you’re at it.

You want to start a blog? Read Your First 30 Days of Blogging. Then, read the rest of the posts on QuickSprout.

Here’s  kind of a cool concept where mass psychology meets crowd funding in Read Write Web.

Fred Wilson, a blogger on Seeking Alpha, offers his take on Seth Godin’s Freemium advice.

Even if you’re not ready to retire, Go Retirement has some excellent advice on how to reenter the market as a conservative investor. Ideas like trailing stop-loss and investing in ETFs are covered.

Also, Jonathan Fields writes something about true wealth… and it has nothing to do with money.

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