Weekly Wisdom: The Magic of Financial Planning

Financial planning, for some, is pretty boring. It means budgets and accountants and, God forbid, spread sheets.

But, actually, financial planning can be fun–and even a little quirky. Understanding credit cards can be a financial planning step.

All you need to do is find people who know something about finances and aren’t afraid to give you some pointers. That’s what I did this week. And here are some of the remarkable gems of wisdom I found about financial planning, buying, saving, and investing.

Enemy of Debt starts us off with the question: What’s more important your financial behavior, or how much you make?

You can find financial planning in the most routine things you do, like, as the Frugal Girl points out, in Shavin’ and Savin’.

We’re all supposed to have a emergency fund. Leave it to the Financial Samurai to go all contrarian on us with this post on emergency fund fallacies.

Joe Taxpayer gives us info on card fees in his post, More on Card Fees.

My buddy, Kevin, at Out of Your Rut went right to the top of Tip’d with this post on ten financial mistakes you can’t make.

Here’s a financial planning rule from Budgets Are Sexy: You Can Buy a Lot of Fun, But Happiness Is Not For Sale.

Not all of us are doing so well in financial planning. Len Penzo lets us know–in no uncertain terms–8 reasons we’re getting an “f” in personal finance 101.

Planting Dollars discusses how smart financial planning can lead to a 12 hour work week. By the way, I found this link on Len’s blog… so, this is how posts go viral.

The Four Hour Work Week blog has this guest post on pranking your credit card company’s concierge service.

Finally, if you’re short on cash, here are 10 sites you can earn some cash as a student, courtesy Dumb Little Man.