What Will–or Won’t–They Tax Next?

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Taxation with representation turns out to be pretty bad, too. And Investors and traders have enough to worry about in the taxation categories. They also have enough to complain about.

There’s capital gains tax and income tax for starters.

Then, there’s the ever-controversial double taxation of dividends.

According to an article from Yahoo, governments are just getting warmed up and while investors won’t necessarily bear the brunt of most of these taxes, they won’t escape them either.

In the ever-expanding need to buoy struggling governments, politicians are discovering some weird ways to bring in money.

Some states are consider a tax cut.

Oh, wait, they’re considering a tax on cuts–hair cuts specifically. Michigan and Nebraska are two states that are considering a hair cut tax.

Check out Maine’s childish idea on taxing.

A bill proposing a 5% state tax on a slew of things, including comedians, clowns, jugglers, ventriloquists, petting zoos, paintball and even haunted hay rides will be voted on this summer and would go into effect in January 2011.

I have to ask: how did the mimes get out of that tax?

Also on the new tax block are limousine rides, golf green fees, dog grooming, and professional laundry services. Even match-making may get taxed.

The government representatives in these states say that these are needed sources of revenue. But business owners aren’t so sure. If the taxes stifle business, then these taxes will lower money that makes it to these states.

Anger over these taxes, of course, is leading to lots of protests against the government. Maybe someday they’ll tax those protests, too.

What do you think? Do these taxes make sense? Do you think they will actually work?

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