Why Does Your Home Office Scare Your Boss?

headsclouds @ Flickr

headsclouds @ Flickr

Do you think that little room in your house–the one where you set up your desk and computer–is especially scary?

Then why is your boss so freaked out by it?

Home offices are not a threat to productivity; they’re a threat to power. Certain people are turned on by an office full of fawning subordinates, even if they’re paying for the attention.

But don’t worry about working for these bosses much longer. They’ll be obsolete. Innovative companies with enlightened managers are out-performing and out-saving their dinosaur competition by creating more creative work options.

Here’s why:

Companies like Cisco and BT Global Services are implementing “work anywhere” programs for employees. And, from all the stats, it’s paying off.

Cisco says its work-from-home program is creating $277 million in savings.

BT Global lists the following benefits of its program:

  • A 20 percent increase in productivity
  • Better staff retention
  • Improved recruiting
  • Lower property costs

Here’s another thing to consider: there is probably more computing power in that home office laptop or desktop computer than most companies had a few decades ago. Most smart business people would rather capture that power, rather than compete against it.

If all this is true, your office-conscious boss may need to find another way to buy friends and intimidate people.

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  1. Maren Kate

    Great post, I really like it :) Its true you know… I’ve found my ‘mobile’ office works the best for me. Its me, my macbook, a wifi card & a moleskin… and off we go!

    Cheers on your great blog

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