Will AI Affect Investing? Too Late. It Already Has

Flickr Creative Commons

Artificial Intelligence–or AI–and Machine Learning are making an impact on your investing, whether you know it or not.

This is interesting because a lot of investors still think that AI is a technology of the future. It’s not. It’s happening right now.

AI is helping traders build and execute trading strategies. These strategies are becoming more complex and more adaptive than ever.

But that’s just the front end.

The back end to this is that business are using artificial intelligence to do everything from managingĀ logisticsĀ to even, sort of, reading your mind.

33rd Square puts it this way

Artificial intelligence is taking computers beyond just computing information, to where they appear to understand relationships, meaning and emotions — and to where they can replace humans by doing this better than we can.

It used to be that as companies got bigger, they got less personal. Now the opposite is true. Facebook understands what you’re interested in, so offers more relevant ads. Amazon understands what you want to buy, so suggests the next book. This takes book shops out of business. You don’t need to be in technology for this to be affecting your business today.

Granted, AI is very primitive.

But that’s the most revealing statement. It’s primitive.

Imagine what AI will be like when it’s more mature!